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Self-Care for those that Care:

Your Prescription for Happiness

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Around the world, practical experience has long demonstrated that health and happiness are inextricably linked.  Our goal of providing compassionate whole-person care is far more powerful than any medication in healing patients.  Unfortunately, long hours, difficult patients and stress all have contributed to an unprecedented burn-out rate among caregivers. As caregivers, taking care of ourselves must become a priority if we want to be able to provide the best care to others. Current research demonstrates the power of positive attitudes on our ability to provide compassionate patient care.  This inspirational program zeros in on the particular challenges – and opportunities – to bring a greater sense of happiness and meaning to your life as a caregiver.  Based on the most current scientific research from the fields of positive psychology, biology and neuroscience you will learn practical strategies for tapping into and nurturing your own happiness.   Learning the habits for happiness will inspire you to newfound happiness. Your increased happiness will have a positive impact on your personal health as well as the health of those for whom you care.


Keynote: 45-60 minutes


Breakout: 30-90 minutes

This program is perfect for: 

Businesses, associations and non-profit organizations involved in healthcare and caring for others.

The audience will leave with:

  • The importance practicing happiness self-care as a healthcare professional.

  • Understanding of Can and Can't control and it's influence on eliminating stress.

  • Daily strategies to bring happiness and meaning to you life and workplace.

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