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Our Happy Fans!

We love hearing from our many happy fans.  There is no greater gift than to hear back from the audience members who let us know just how greatly they were impacted by one of our presentations.  As a professional, I am realistic that you seldom connect with everyone in an audience- no matter how great your presentation.  On any given day, at any given moment, an audience of individuals is made up of people at various points in their lives ... some dealing with very difficult life issues.   Some may not like my hair or feel my eyes are too close together... for whatever personal reason they chose to tune out.  Many speakers are bothered by this - I respect and embrace it.


My passion comes from the fact that I am able to connect with so many in an audience- for them it is exactly the right time for them to challenge their thinking and realize how they truly control their happiness.  Happiness is contagious!  I hear back from so many audience members well after the program has ended, who share with me how they have continued to discover new levels of happiness at work and at home.    

happy workers celebrating
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