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The Happy Factor at Work:

Unlocking Productivity, Wellness & Success!

Man choosing to be happy


People who are happy at work are more committed to their organization, rise to positions of leadership more rapidly, are more productive and creative, and suffer fewer health problems.  Current research shows that happiness should not be an afterthought for workplaces; it should be an essential goal – entwined with position skills is the key to individual and organizational success!  

Based on the most current scientific research from the fields of positive psychology, business and neuroscience you will learn the benefits of a happy workplace and come away with practical strategies you can implement – individually or in teams – to boost your own emotional well-being, support the well-being of colleagues and employees, and foster a workplace culture of happiness. 

This upbeat interactive program delivers an inspiring message that helps the audience to discover the true happiness that lies within themselves for both their personal and professional lives. Learning the secrets of creating more happiness will have a positive impact on the success of you and your company.


Keynote: 45-60 minutes


Breakout: 30-90 minutes

This program is perfect for: 

Leaders, associations and HR Professionals that want to inspire their attendees to discover how to create more personal happiness and to nurture happiness at their workplace.

The audience will leave with:

  • An awareness that they are "boss"  of their own happiness - not the workplace!

  • Understand the positive impact that happiness has on productivity and creativity.

  • Daily actions that will improve personal happiness and the ripple affect it has on co-workers and customers.

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